Terms and conditions | Miamacchina.com


  1. Miamacchina.com is a web platform under the ownership of Dobre Razvan Dumitru, the number of registration: F08 / 904 / 15.7.2014, P. Iva: 33385302, which has the purpose to mediate the car rental service between the company and the customer.
  2. The company refers to the car rental supplier, which offers rental services to customers.
  3. Customer refers to any end user who uses the services of car hire on the Miamacchina.com platform.
  4. To request an offer for car rental, the customer has no obligation to register on the site, but they have the duty to read and accept the terms and conditions of the Miamacchina.com platform and the usage of personal data available HERE.
  5. The personal information is provided freely by the user, and their detection allows access to a proper functionality of the Miamacchina.com platform; the provision of data is optional, but the refusal for the provision of this information will exclude the possibility of using our service.
  6. To reserve a car, the customer is obliged to enter all the data required to complete the request car rental form on Miamacchina.com platform and use of personal data available HERE.
  7. The incomplete, unclear or clearly false  reservations are not taken into account and will be deleted from our data base.
  8. Information received from the customers may be disclosed against third parties who work or use the Miamacchina.com platform to provide the requested services; technical consultants and / or other subsidiary bodies involved in the company's name.
  9. After the customer has completed and submitted the application form, Miamacchina.com reserves the right to contact the customer in order to verify the identity, the accuracy of the data entered and / or to request additional detail on the demand for car hire.
  10. Miamacchina.com assumes no responsibility in terms of quality, originality and validity of the data entered in the car rental request, all the responsibilities are at the customer's expense.
  11. In the event of fraudulent or illegal use of our service, Miamacchina.com reserves the right to pursue legal action against the customer.

For questions, changes or cancellations of personal information, please contact us by e-mail. [email protected]